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Knowledge Base – Best Secrets Pinterest For Android Devices You Should Try [Part 2].

Enjoyed your post about the problems with searching on Pinterest and agree with the frustration! Psst- want to know things you shouldn’t re-pin, tips for using secret boards and more Pinterest good stuff? Check out my Pinterest category pagefor all my Pinterest posts. As you likely already know, most companies focus either on B2C or B2B . Occasionally, a brand will offer products or services to both, but it’s more common for a company to specialize in just one of those two models.

The problem arises when you have only a few posts and even if you create extra pins for the same post, the repin rate may not be so good. I found this great resource on how you can use Google Analytics to manual pin at times when your audience is most active. Just to be clear….you only post 8-10 pins from your blog and then pins that come from another source? I have never heard of pinning so much content from another blog.

Renato “ray” Gutierrezvp Of Business Dev

Make sure you don’t have search privacy enabled. Search privacy makes it impossible for people to find you when they’re most likely to buy – i.e. when they’re actively searching. Verified businesses have that little red check mark by their name and without it, people may not trust that your profile actually belongs to your brand. Currently, you can’t request that Pinterest verify your business, but if your profile has your logo and your name, Pinterest will likely reach out to you. Doing what you can to verify your business — and making it clear that it is your profile, with or without the red check mark — can go a long way. 84% of pinnersconsistently use the platform when they’re researching decisions.

  • Yesterday, I got a comment on my post on Facebook by a friend who’s been dead for 7 months.
  • This is helpful if you are researching something, because you are likely to find similar things to the pin you are looking at right under that pin.
  • I’ve also had the unpleasant experience of account suspension, through an over zealous automated bot.
  • Traffic coming from the site leads to more opt-ins, conversions and sales than from other social media platforms.
  • Note that the Edit Profile window is a pop-up window, so make sure you have pop-up windows enabled on your computer.

It’s 2020 and after a whirlwind of a decade, it’s safe to say that social media has dominated the online space and taken society by storm. Social media has impacted the way we communicate, shop and interact with brands on a daily basis. When marketing to Gen Z and Millennial audiences, Facebook and Instagram are the common focus for many e-commerce businesses. What many don’t realize is that Pinterest has now become a huge player in driving traffic to e-tailer products and brands. Learning why Pinterest is good for business has never been more important. Jen still uses Pinterest just like any user; pinning authentically, blogging regularly, and being very active on social media.

Pinterest Ads: A Simple Guide To Set You Up For Success

Giving credit to the original source should cover Pinterest any issues. I wanted to give a quick guide to those who needed it and get more in depth for the people interested in knowing more. I directed anyone who read my book review about “The Final Confession of Mabel Stark,” to Pinterest if they wanted to see great circus photos of the famous tiger lady. I tried to find more public domain or fair use credit attribution photos of her and seemed to run into a dead end. I agree with you, Stan, that it’s better to be safe than sorry. I haven’t heard any news about Pinterest getting into trouble for pinning numerous photos.

When you click a pin, the image that shows up maxes out at 735 pixels instead of 600 pixels . The pictures are also better looking in general. There are no more white borders around each pin . The photo goes all the way to the edge of the pin, which results in larger photos on the feed page.

Pinterest Has Some Social Features

Best Android Applications

Need To Know: Important Tricks On Google Maps App On iOS And Android Phones You May Not Know Exist [Part 2].

Google estimates the drive will take four hours and 57 minutes in “heavy traffic.” Bing thinks it’s going to take a whopping five hours and 44 minutes. That’s a 47-minute difference, roughly 16% of Google’s entire trip estimate. Here’s how Bing and Google compare in the directions world.

Then you’re going to have to go with (in other words, you’re lucky to be able to use) the bulk verification option. Here’s another instant option you can use to verify your business . Here, you’ll have to choose whether you service customers outside of your current location.

Local Legends: Claire Carlile On Setting Client Expectations And The Future Of Google Maps

The Yelp API allows developers to access a wealth of business data from the extensive Yelp database, which includes over 50 million businesses in more than 32 international markets. The main endpoint isGet amenity locations, which returns the full set of amenity data. AmeniMaps API is a collection of Android Maps that locates amenities like public restrooms, ATM machines, subway entrances, etc. AmeniMaps can be used offline in locations where 3G or Wi-Fi internet connection isn’t available. Popular endpoints includegetAddressByCoordinates, which converts location coordinates to an address string, andgetStaticMap, which generates static a map image based on a set of coordinates. The Foursquare API goes beyond the basic mapping services and incorporates data for user/merchant interactions.

  • The points of interests have all been categorized into Food, Shops, Entertainment, Attraction, and others.
  • If you tap or click on the link for it, you’ll see our best data and advice for what to do when you reach out to Google Maps, sourced from millions of other customers that come here to GetHuman each month.
  • But the good news, there’s a shortcut for accessing the navigation mode in Google Maps, and it helps you launch the mode using just a single tap.
  • Such an app could automatically match you with your best option—maybe even apply for you.

The feature was first announced at Google’s I/O developer conference in May. Before, you could only view an area of the map when you were offline. Then there’s the problem of overkill — the tendency of many navigation apps to show you too many options you’ll never choose. For instance, if you search in Google Maps or Apple Maps for “Panera,” you will see every Panera location in a broad radius, even the one that’s 20 minutes in the opposite direction from where you’re going. This database of the places you’ve been to is accessible from most devices, including your desktop computer, iPhone, and Android devices.

When Was The Last Google Maps Update?

However, a recently developed algorithm that is able to recognize house numbers in Street View imagery might solve this problem in the near future and improve address accuracy (Goodfellow et al. ). Second, it is unclear how recent and accurate the information contained in these applications is. While Google aims to update the Maps and Street View content on a regular basis, update schedules are not publicly available.

Similar to Navmii, even Sygic requires you to download the map of your region to start using the app. Google Maps is pretty accurate mostly but it has faced some issues in some countries due to various regulatory rules. It is highly inaccurate in countries like China and North Korea due to the fact that company has leased the map data for these countries from download latest Google Maps – Navigate & Explore apk local companies. Another important reason on why we need Google Maps alternatives is Google’s data logging complaints. Reportedly, Google uses location data & activities of users on Google Maps to leverage its ad revenue programs. For example, Google offers detailed, precise, and highly accurate maps that help Waymo self-driving vehicles navigate efficiently, swiftly, and safely.