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Latest Audio Recording Freeware For Windows 10 That Collects Data About Users In November 2020

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Their program is a teensy 2 MB download, and has no need for bulky signature updates, making this ideal for folks with a slower internet connection. A great plus of this small software, is that it runs really fast, and won’t bog even an older system down. That said, there are potentially millions of new and dangerous threats for Windows, so it’s crucial that your virus protection is updated with the latest known malware database.

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Bitdefender’s free version is lightweight yet very powerful, and it’s basically just the scanning engine (with real-time protection). The premium version of Bitdefender offers advanced features that Defender doesn’t include, such as a VPN and parental controls.

Being smart isn’t enough to protect you from threats, and security software can help act as another line of defense. When we say ‘sell yourself short’ we’re not talking about the virus protection itself. Even free programs still come with potent cyberthreat vanquishing tools – they basically use the same shielding and seeking that the paid versions do. An additional feature is the cloud based antivirus scanning which can detect the latest viruses from across the internet, and not rely on local virus signatures being up to date. Gamers will also appreciate the software’s Game Mode which makes sure that video games are not interrupted by antivirus software alerts.

And Bitdefender’s ransomware protection is also so much much better than Defender — making it worth the upgrade cost. While the premium version of TotalAV is one of the best PC antivirus products on the market, the free version is pretty comparable to Windows Defenderin terms of offering basic PC protection. But with added features, such as the PC optimization tools, and a lack of real-time protection, TotalAV is a good tool to use in conjunction with Windows Defender.

Avira has one of the best virus scanning engines on the market — it’s lightweight, fast, has perfect detection rates , and is 100% free. I’m also a big fan of Avira’s free internet security tools like the Safe Shopping browser extension and the privacy optimizer, which can make a big difference in overall cybersecurity protection. To get more advanced internet security protection, you’ll need to upgrade to one of Avira’s paid plans, but in terms of free Windows antiviruses, it doesn’t get better than Avira. Your Windows computer already comes with Windows Defender — which, as you can see from our recent review, is a decent free antivirus.



When you use more than one anti-virus program simultaneously, you may run into false positives after one program locates and quarantines an infection. Furthermore, you might think that each program is finding different viruses because of proprietary naming when this isn’t actually the case. You often don’t need to use more than one program because software companies like Symantec and McAfee provide all-in-one solutions that include anti-phishing, email protection and firewall functions. You need antivirus software on your computer,no matter how “carefully” you browse.

It also has modules for preventing attacks using PowerShell, defense against malicious scripts, a scanner for USB mass storage devices, and a UEFI scanner for protection during the boot process. Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus takes the lighter approach to antivirus software.

But the problem with Windows Defender is that it doesn’t do enough for cybersecurity and online protection, and Microsoft rarely updates it. To keep your PC actually safe, you need the kind of protection that you can only get from dedicated antivirus software. When you pay for antivirus, what you’re buying are extra features that attempt to protect you against more than just viruses. Usually, these more robust solutions don’t even call themselves “antivirus”, instead going with labels like “internet security suite”, because fighting viruses is only one part of what they actually do. Real-time detection of unknown and malicious files, and protecting your computer from such harmful viruses and other malware programs becomes a necessity in today’s always-connected world.