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It features one puzzle per page and offers expansive writing space, and is available in spiral bound version only. The Must Have 2017 Sudoku Puzzle Book comes with 365 grids, spread across five difficulty levels.

Difficulty Level –Consider the level of difficulty you can handle, because the last think you want is to buy a Sudoku book with grids you won’t be able to solve, ever. The Funster Tons of Sudoku 1,000+ Easy to Hard Puzzles features 1000+ puzzles, laid across three levels of difficulty. However, if you need a book with a smaller number of puzzles but set across three difficulty levels, the Funster 500 Plus Sudoku Puzzles is a must-have. The Frank Longo Beyond Black Belt Sudoku puzzle book features two puzzles per page and is available in a spiral-bound print consisting of 192 pages. It is designed for people ages 8 and over and features really challenging puzzles.

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Features 330 easy, 342 medium, 330 hard for a total of 1002 puzzles. If we missed any great Sudoku apps or games, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists. Super Sudoku is kind of our diamond in the rough pick for this list.

However, if you’d like a whole lot more, the Biggest Sudoku Puzzle Book Ever is a good buy. It comes with 2222 Sudoku puzzles that are spread across six difficulty levels so you can satisfy your Sudoku gaming desire for many years to come.

For instance, it works offline, includes various color themes, and player stats to see your progress. There is also a sleeker than average UI, five difficulty levels, a hint system, and some customization features. It’s relatively new and the numbers can be hard to hit on Adobe Flash Player free download occasion if you’re not paying attention.’s Sudoku game is one of the most popular versions on Android. The game includes four basic difficulty levels, a massive selection of puzzles, unlimited undo and redo, a hint system, and a progress tracker.

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The Frank Longo Beyond Black Belt Sudoku Book is part of the Martial Arts Puzzle Series, and features two puzzles per page. But if you’d like a larger-print Sudoku puzzle book, and one that comes from an award winning stable, the Frank Longo Large Print Sudoku #3 is worth a second look.

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Speaking of longevity, spiral-bound books tend to last longer than glued designs, and come with perforated edges so that you can separate the pages easily. Number of Pages –If you’re going to be carrying the book with you and solving puzzles on the go, a bulky Sudoku encyclopedia may not be the best choice.